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Ahlul Bayt Fund (Gift-Lillah Only)

Ahlul Bayt Fund – Gift-Lillah Donations only

One day Rasulullah (Peace be upon him) stood up to deliver a sermon.

In it he reminded the ummah repeating three times:

“I remind you (of your duties) to the members of my family”

Assalamu Alaykum,

Rasulullah (Peace be upon him) has placed great importance in the honour of the members of his household and their descendants. the ‘Ahlul Bayt’ are forbidden from receiving zakat and sadaqah. Historically rulers would allocate an amount for their upkeep but this tradition has faded. There are many who suffer financially but are unable to relieve this through Zakat and sadaqah.

Rabetah is pleased to announce the launch of an ‘Ahlul Bayt Fund’ to help the descendants of Rasulullah (Peace be upon him) . We have a network who are able to identify legitimate members and ascertain their financial standing. This is an act of great virtue and something we are confident, will be a means of drawing us closer to Rasulullah (Peace be upon him) on the day of qiyamah. Use these virtuous days of Ramadhan to take part in this beautiful initiative.