Several will be grouped up as the reason for their level of usefulness maybe be similar, and some are effectively negligible and dont really need its own separate explanation as to why its as good/bad as it is. They use it with death rattle minions, quite effectively.And it seems like most Hunters are playing Brann with Shockspitter. What this deck lacks in viability it makes up for in absolute chaotic fun after getting the Treasure finding Hero Power! Ol' Faithful and Titan-Forged Grapnel are excellent removal tools, where the former is extremely aggressive and the ladder being great for control. Battle Tactics reigns as one of the strongest of the newer Hero Powers. In modern Hearthstone, a lot of people dont bother damaging minions unless the damage kills it, so the value of the treasure wont be live very often. To sum up, you now have a deck option for every class. Latest News. As control is the most common game plan for Elise decks, Addarah is naturally the most picked starting Treasure since it comes with one of the strongest types of removal in the game. Toggle navigation . You get the most value out of it when you break a 4 or 5-cost weapon, as they have some of the best possibilities to randomly equip. You need a decent amount of Nature spells, minions big enough to heal, AND for those minions to be damaged. . Spell-heavy decks tend to do a lot of Discovering, and Orb of Revelation gives them mass discounts to their hand when it has several of their spells that arent already cheap. Death Games is the ultimate Deathrattle Hero Power and can capitalize on quite a few minions. Top Hearthstone Duels Decks that got 12 Wins - Top Starter Decks. Is there something you think I missed or have a strategy you'd like to share? I recognized like a third of them from the Which Wood, if not mor. But those kinds of decks mostly summon vanilla minions with decent stats. The impact of Book of Wonders varies wildly, but has the ability to outshine a lot of the other primary passives. This patch brings one new hero, multiple new cosmetics, changes to Duels, Battlegrounds, and the Arena. Best passive treasure: Pillage the Fallen offers free weapons to fragment enemy faces with and is therefore the best of the . This site works best with JavaScript enabled. On the one hand, the site is an incredible source of information for Duels, since all these decks came from that page. Outside of massive early-game swings, Duels have a tendency to last longer than normal games. It has great synergy with Thief Rogue, but can also function in a couple types of Deathrattle decks. (#7), Group therapy! I think it's only worked a few times I use it and probably isn't for everyone. In fact, the only reason this passive is ranked in the middle is because not all Hero Powers can use it as well as others. Recycling wont create tempo, but can build defenses that allow you to survive heavy aggro when you need a little extra time to catch up when youre behind. It requires a game state that doesnt happen very often in a very specific kind of deck. It doesnt generate any advantage immediately upon activation, and you cant control when you get the payoff. Creator Notes: This is a Rush Warrior deck. Harvest Time! Its stats are enormous for sure, but its very vulnerable to removal. But if you have extra efficient ways to generate or summon neutral minions, this can definitely be a powerful option. Rogues have new Secret support, and for Reno that means so do Mages. The only downside is that since a few things have to die to be efficient, it isnt something you can reliably use to catch up on turn 5 like the previous two. They made the Treasure Detective Murloc Holmesto distinguish it. It also includes a few cheap Overload cards to have Totemic Power have its good effect active a fair amount of the time. Players then . Its still very good, the previous two are just easier to use. Notification Show More . If you are a Hearthstone fan, you will need this Kazakusan Treasure Tier List! Just like Unholy Gift, Runic Helm supplies you with lots of non-synergistic cards, only this time they fill up your hand directly. Forged in the Barrens card reveal stream has been completed and we now know each of the 135 new cards included in Hearthstone's upcoming seventeenth expansion.. Tier 4 - Niche Passives that are either drastically underpowered or a little too specific to recommend unless you built your entire deck around it. Since you cant have more that one weapon out at a time, its not a very optimal deck building strategy. Pillage the Fallen has nearly the same amount of value, with only a minor change that gives it a slight Attack buff. Spyglass can snag a useful card for a mana efficient price a reliable amount of the time. Promote! Keep an eye out for targets, as its kind of hard to plan a combo and save both pieces for it. Demon Blood is occasionally seen with decks that run a ton of Demons to surprise their opponent with a sudden big, cheap minion. Death Knights most established archetypes are centered around investing all three deck Runes into one Rune type, and all three are viable in Duels. [Duels] Fixed a bug where Ironweave Bloodletter would heal whenever either player spent Corpses. Unholy Embrace is a little too expensive (both in terms of mana and corpses) and makes it hard to use in Duels. Archmage Staff is a free mage spell every turn, so long as you dont equip any other weapons or attack with your hero. At face value, Bag of Stuffings potential for a complete hand reload is amazing. Hearthstone: King of the Lich. Wax Rager is the stickiest minion alive and can slowly deal 5 damage a turn endlessly if your opponent doesn't have a way to specifically get rid of it. Covering The Best In Video Games, Esports, Movies and Geek Culture . I dont know any reason why that shouldnt have worked. DrekThar and Vanndar have wildly different strategies between their Hero Powers and treasures because of their whole gimmick of being accessible to 5 classes. However, not all of them are specific in their uses either. The most popular card of Hearthstone's last miniset can be game-winning if you choose wisely. Its not overly useful, but thankfully its GAINING Health so you dont have to be damaged to receive the benefits. However, you need to have both the two cheap cards in your hand as well something big and worth the effort to turbo out. Blood Shields at the very least gives you more health to block aggro and room to heal off too much damage. Hearthstone Duels 12-1 Reno Jackson (7304 MMR) (Arcane Craftiness | Sr. Tomb Diver) February 27, 2023. It's just Druid decks they'd work with are ones I usually see have more generic treasures instead. Currently, the most used Hero Power for Demon Hunters at the moment has been Illidari Strike. Luckily, most minions fit this category. Even if you dont high roll getting the good Secrets, it still throws off your opponents first few turns as it forces them to either risk triggering one of them or make suboptimal moves trying to play around every possible Secret. The only thing holding it back is the cost. Its almost always used alongside Gift of the Legion as a repeatable way to gain Attack; usually working as a substitute for the other 2 Hero Powers. Having to pay so much mana each time you use it is awful. And sometimes you run Stonehearth Vindicator to draw one and play right away, which doesnt give you a minion at all. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. but if you Google hearthstone duels tier deck lists 2021 for example ; ) you may find some info. Duels is a game mode where players face off against other players, attempting to claim 12 victories before they suffer 3 losses, similar to Arena. Passive hero powers are also the main source of an Aura. Tier 4 - Lackluster effects that wont be super game-changing very often. Cannibalism and From the Swamp move into primary passive pool with effects that match the strength of their competitors. Worshipper is another great staple. With all the available cards Hunters have access to in Duels, Deathrattles are definitely the go-to archetype. Creator Notes: I chose to take the Sr. Tomb Diver route for Secret Reno. Warlocks already have good card advantage even without passives or treasures, so theres no need for involuntary cards draw. Seafloor Gateway can achieve the same thing in Mech Mage, and Paladins can handbuff all those extra Mechs you get from even more burst stats to Magnetize onto your minions. "Passive" is an ability used to refer to cards that have no active use, but create an Aura which provides a helping effect. Cloak of Emerald Dreams is arguably the best of the new card generating passives. Tier 2: Vampiric Fangs can provide big Heal to classes the otherwise lack it and struggle against decks based around Magnetic Mines and Mind Tether, while functioning as targeted removal. You have the option of running more Secrets that curve better so you can play Sr. Tomb Diver or cast the Mage ones far more efficiently with things like Private Eye or Sparkjoy Cheat. Magmaloc. And most of the suggested decks aren't even close to being the top meta decks for their class right now either. Your value from Ancient Reflections depends on what you end up targeting, preferably things with persistent effects like Deathrattles. 60.95%. Best Dungeon Run Treasures - Tier List. Mages and Shamans with several ways to Freeze minions can get some decent milage out of Moora I mean Ring of Black Ice. Creator Notes: Battle Totem is an Ultra Rare Treasure, but Corrupt the Waters is the next best thing. Try cannibalism as a . Explore the Hearthstone meta game and find out how the archetypes match up. Tier 5: Manastorm may be an Ultra Rare, but doesnt give you direct advantage. War Commands can work in any of kind of deck that can make great use of the cheap neutral minions drawn. Late game, Grimmer Patron can combo with buffs to create a massive self-duplicating minion. Illucia has a Hero Power for both aggro and control decks, and both are quite good. It requires 2 treasures that might not even appear in the same run and each piece individually has roughly a 7% chance to appear. It gives you just a little bit extra to play, and also triggers the effects of If you played an Elemental last turn card without having to cram a ton of Elementals into your deck to keep their effects live. Login; GAMERS DECIDE. There are many like it, but this one is mine. 12 wins (12-2) N'Zoth Soul Fragment Warlock - Hearthstone Top Decks Recommended videos Powered by AnyClip AnyClip Product Demo 2022 The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported. Earn rewards. Plaguebringer is one of those things that REALLY works when it works, but the Overload can fuck you up especially when you need to play smaller spells that don't need the discount. If you can keep at least a few minions board, you can multiple the value of Gentleman's Top Hat by trading up and juggling the +2/+2 buff between your minions. The Alterac Valley hero cards are insanely strong too. Any Weapons can give you constant value from Pillage the Fallen. Stargazing can be amazing, and your Hero Power determines exactly how useful this treasure is. Tier 5: Amalgamate is an inefficient way to get a big minion on the board. That means that you can usethem to enter both Duels and Arena. Even Battlegrounds had their own versions of Sr. Tomb Diver and Karl the Lost. I talked through my thoughts of which Treasures are the best w/ Firebat today and made a Tier list. You can even recycle the value of your own minions if you want to. You can also pile up on you decks strongest minions like Jace Darkweaver, Captain Galvangar, or Alexandros Mograine. Since starting decks in Duels are 15 cards, there arent a ton of options for the class yet, and almost all of their cards are free for everyone. Looking for advice that'll get more wins in your Duels runs? There is also a fair amount of spell-based Tokens cards that can work with spell-based treasures for maximum aggression. Soulcial Studies gives your Soul Fragment generators additional tempo. This makes it hard for this passive to reliably help you. Those that can do much better with this snowballing weapon. You dont get to Discover the Diablo treasure either. Cost: 1460. Both classes even have Secrets that work towards Sr. Tomb Divers Battlecry. It may not have as much Nature abuse, it does take advantage of cards Druids would love to use but cant like Palm Reading and Priestess Valishj. man are some off these rankings off, mending pools is insane with mycelium omu, same with plaguebringer and fireheart. It sometimes forces the opponent to either deal with the board or focus the portal to prevent even more minions from being summoned. frozen solid is actually insane for a first pool passive too. The most important aspect of this is the fact that it works against the enemy hero as well. Duels Advanced Guide - With Deck Lists and Treasure Tiers Duels: Practical Guide to go Infinite in HC Duels Duels Tips & Tricks Guide Duels Cards Duels Heroes Duels Hero Powers . Its great at what it does and would probably be too strong if it were any cheaper. New: [5 Mana] Combo: Deal 2 damage to a minion for each other card you've played this turn. Another weapon that warrants certain deck building is Jaws. Most decks this late in the game usually end their turn with multiple minions or destroyed all of yours. The most common use for it is to use healing effects to keep recovering health before your opponent can damage you 10 times. Cataclysm. This is a really powerful card, but its a bit slow in Duels where there are frequent powerful swing turns as opposed to accumulative payoff. Coin Pouch, Creepy Curio, and Old Militia Horn all have really weak effects for their cost, and require you to play their upgraded versions to be considered worthwhile. Its a cheap selective removal that creates an annoying board your opponent has to deal with. New: [Tavern Tier 5] 6 Attack, 6 Health. Hearthstone Patch 22.0, which went live yesterday and has set the stage for Fractured in Alterac Valley, brought some rather significant changes to Duels:. The fact that Illidari Strike summons Rush minions usually doesnt matter unless the first kills the target and you still have your second one to attack something else. Ring of Phaseshifting will oftentimes just generate stuff your deck can barely benefit from. If you manage to keep Highlord Fordragon on board before you use Karl the Losts effect or vice versa, you can potentially pile on an absurd amount of stats onto you hands minions. 60.29%. Totems got just enough support now to function fairly well in Duels, especially with The Stonewright and Totemic Power being able to summon Totem Giant. Another interesting aspect of this run is Captured Flag, tier 2 Ultra Rare Passive Treasure which can give you quite the advantage when you want to value trade! Decks that pick Shadow Mend usually run C'Thun, the Shattered as something theyre trying to build into throughout the game. The Treasure used to be just Murloc Holmes. Most decks have at least a couple Deathrattle minions, so you can reasonably expect this to become a 3/5. Tier 1 - God Tier Passives that are valuable in any deck that support it. Occasionally Embercaster can be a game changer, but it needs to be combod with just the right card. Lets pretend Im a half-way competent writer for a while until I can take the time to change the decks where needed. There's also the possibility Blizzard is rotating treasures without telling us as it is in early release still. Thats pretty much it. Pure Neutral - With how many options youre cutting out when you eliminate class cards, you can afford to lean into gaining constant value from War Commands while For the Horde! It can benefit your own board, like with Paladins Blessing of Authority or abuse targeted removal like with Shamans Stormstrike. Hearthstone: Secrets of the Pass. Just like Vampiric Fangs,Necrotic Poison is super cheap targeted removal that doesn't lose much tempo when played. As a legendary minion, you can even get an extra copy of the buffed crab with Disks of Legend. Starting Treasure: Killmox, the Banished One. Loyal Sidekick is a simple large taunt minion, that is pretty much always a tempo play, but doesn't usually do more that block some damage and maybe attack once or twice. Wither the Weak adds on some extra power to the typically cheap Fel spells, making them an above average tempo play. Hearthstone's newest Game Mode has been gaining a lot of traction and will be officially releasing this week! [Tavern Tier 4] 4 Attack, 4 Health. is probably the most popular choice for the AOE Attack buff with the cannon damage acting as just a small bonus. Ancient Reflections actually has quite a few amazing targets that can win you the game. Mo'arg Outcast remains an extremely strong treasure. As a half Druid half Priest, Elise can easily play Nature, Arcane, Holy, AND Shadow spells. Hearthstone Duels 12-2 Reno Jackson (7400 MMR) (Arcane Craftiness | Reno's Magical Torch) February 28, 2023. However, the best way to use this is with big minions; which Handbuff Paladins tend to get a lot of. Many things that dont stand out wont be mentioned, as talking about every single one of them would make this guide way too needlessly long. The Hearthstone Mercenaries format is slightly different to the classic game, and it's more important than ever that your star card can carry you through . Both Cold Feet Pact and Ghouls Rush In are free minions, but the former has much greater snowball potential if you hold onto your corpses for a long time while the ladder is better for decks that would rather keep spending its corpses for their bonuses. While Idols of Elune is just a weaker version of Double Time, getting twice the value out of a spell is extremely good. Tier 2: Among the 1st Passives that provide discounts, the ones that effortlessly generate damage or stats are excellent picks. Ironweave Bloodletter is just healing, which is underwhelming in most scenarios but can keep you alive long enough against aggro to get your combos if youre spending a ton of corpses. Some people opt for Savage Secrets to gain the card advantage Hunters generally lack, only there arent really any treasures that can abuse Secrets as well as Deathrattles. is a nifty generic Hero Power that most decks are capable of using on some level. Kazakusan has completely changed Hearthstone meta with its treasures, and today we are going to make a Tier List. The effect of Freeze Solid now involves a damage buff as opposed to instant destruction of minions. The massive cost of Black Soulstone offsets the efficiency that makes treasures good in the first place. Here we will list more specific strategies for each class and hero with their Hero Power, Treasure, and starting deck options. Illidari Strike can proc the effects of Infuse cards by itself. However, by this point in the run you should already have ways to avoid running out of steam in the first place. With how common removal is in Duels, theyll oftentimes have an efficient way to deal with your 10/10 and just recover from the one minion they lost. Most generic Secondary Passive are better at this point. Corrupt the Waters, Amalgam of the Deep,Battle Vicar,Manafeeder Panthara,Seafloor Savior,Sleetbreaker,Alliance Bannerman,Brilliant Macaw,Instructor Fireheart,Venomous Scorpid,Blademaster Okani,Crud Caretaker,Theotar, the Mad Duke,Hammer of the Naaru,Mutanus the Devourer. With all the hard removal in Duels, a little bit of extra Health doesnt matter very much. Ideally you want all the fireballs to hit face, or sometimes take out a big minion you cant otherwise get rid of. Are you wanting to play Duels but having trouble getting started? Overpowered is a rather misleading name for this treasure. But since the payoff is so huge that it can get you 12 wins on its own, it might actually be worth trying to do if you accept the challenge! It is one of the strongest decks while being relatively easy to play. . Cadaver Collector is pure resources for Death Knights. Summoning a decent minion on Hero Power is viable on its own, but it also gives Death Knights an extra corpse to work with. The above cards will be eligible for a full dust refund for two weeks following Patch 25.4.3. Their delayed value as opposed to the passives with much faster if not instant value holds them back though. There is so much spell support you can draft that a healthy mix of card generation and damage can make a lot of things work. Elemental Learning is also a fantastic card for Mana-efficient resources. This one in particular was rough because of 4 new heroes and most of their hero powers and treasures need to use specific links since they all have other versions from Doom in the Tomb. Polymorphing is one of the best forms of removal. Chaos Theory can also backfire, but a perfectly timed one is actually capable of bailing you out of a situation. Its independently good and can simply pick whichever Treasure best suits what you have at that point. Duels is basically a PvP version of Dungeon Run and other similar content previously limited to single player. i recovered from vulvodynia, ch3cho lewis structure molecular geometry, stanford postdoc salary computer science,